Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh Reckless Abandon


I once had someone tell me suicide was selfish 

That the scars those ghosts created would haunt those left behind
That their memories would ripple on into tomorrow and the
tomorrow after that
And I asked in return
What about the people asking them to stay? 
How was that any less selfish?
Any less cruel?
How was being forced to live through your own hell supposed to be
some sort of gift?
Now before you get the wrong idea
I was twelve when I asked that question

Now six years and two different types of anti-depressant later I can
comfortably say
That both happen to be equally selfish
But I need you to trust me
Let them want you
I know you might not feel wanted right now
But let your future want you
Give yourself over to the greedy minds that are smart enough to love 
And I promise you one day you'll be playing with sunbeams and 
friendship bracelets
Oceans and lovers

Laughter and wine glasses
Being selfish is a human gift
So let them consume you
Let life take you

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