Saturday, February 16, 2013

Innate Ramblings

Untame, these vast, swirling,
Oceans of mischief and wonder,
Lie dark, their waves curling,
Lapping at the prow as we sail yonder.

Wind battered sails, billowing, 
Canvases of cloth of fabric;
Pulling our vessel to the elements, bellowing,
And howling to the midnight storm, the thunderclap.

Crash, a flash, a dash,
Of light enchants us, to,
Look above!
An albatross, flying to our destination anew,

Its white glows,
Against the midnight cloud,
It flies across, to a place only it knows,
Its purity lies against a shroud:

Of billowing nature, swirling,
Skies of mischief and wonder,
Lie dark, their winds howling,
Lightning flashing, thunder crashing, waves thrashing.


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