Sunday, February 3, 2013

7 Things Even My Closest Friends Don't Probably Know About Me

I love to find the bad in people before actually knowing the good in them. That way, I distinguish decisions, actions and circumstance with good reason and of greater impact. And for the most interesting part, there's the tendency that people annoyingly disappoint you then ridiculously surprise you later when you least expect it. Bittersweet!

As I quote Anita Shreve,  "I wonder this: if you take a woman and push her to the edge, how will she behave?" I will take the leap. Yes, I am the most stubborn person in all the land! Let the stillness of mountains be tested, just so I can prove my stand no matter how pointless, unnecessary or inconvenient they may seem.

I'm very particular with details! And the irony of this statement, is that that's more than enough said.

Silence is by far the most deafening sound I've ever heard. It is, in it's simplest sense, the complication in uniformity, the trouble when you are still, everything in an abyss of nothingness. It's the kind of noise that haunts you sleepless at night, the ship that meant to sail endlessly. Very consuming.

Often times, I involuntarily tuck my hair behind my ears. Hate it. It's practically the only mannerism I first realized doing in 3rd grade, tried training out of my system since, shamefully kept failing. People mistake it for flirtatious body language, like it's supposed to actually mean something. Well it doesn't, for me, at the very least. I purposely did it for someone once, I wasn't even flirting! And I felt absolutely ridiculous.

I like the number 7. It looks symmetrical to number 1 without the commitment of having to be the best. The casualness of being figuratively and literally odd, and the remoteness of being a tad off fascinates me. Like how I find a lapse in a specific style to be very amusing, or a peculiar trait in various people's character that makes them equally diverse from one another, so adorable and interesting altogether.

By now you should know this from everything listed above, but I'm gonna say it anyway. I have bipolar thoughts. I have pet peeves but I love fractals. Yes, I am inconsistent and everything in between.

I tend to keep explaining myself to people, only to realize that the only person I needed to believe in what I was saying was me. I think that telling people why I act and think such changes their perspectives to understand my point of view, when I'm also subconsciously changing mine. Oops, there I go again.

Well those were 8 things you actually read about me. Except the last one was one thing I didn't know about myself, until a friend recently stated otherwise. What's yours? :)